Pre-Ramadan 1442 H Planner: Free Printable

The perfect Ramadan is only a page away. Prepare your routine to get stronger during Ramadan right NOW. This Pre-Ramadan planner is all you need.

This planner is an idea bank of preparation, goal tracker, and a shot of spiritual reminder to get you going before Ramadan. It also will assist you to prepare your better and perfect version of Ramadan this year.

You can print this planner or use it as digital planner and edit the page with Canva.

The preparation is divided into two sections which are two months before Ramadan: Rajab and Sha’ban.



Yes, This is Free!

I hope this Pre-Ramadan Planner help you not only plan and succeed in your personal Ramadan goals and schedule, but also live a truly spiritually uplifting life all-year round. Get your Pre-Ramadan Planner that does all of the thinking for you now.

Share this productivity booster to your friends and tag me @maratihusna and use hashtag #preramadanplanner to be featured. Jazakumullahu khayr 🙂

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